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Thursday, 9 April 2015

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 9 Piercings and Tattoos

Good morning!

Haha now it's time for you to see just how much of a wimp I am.  I have no tattoos and only have my ears pierced (once).  I got my ears done on holiday in Llandudno just before I turned 9.  My dad wasn't keen on me getting them done so when I was on holiday with my Auntie she took me to get them done.  Not much he could do when I returned home with pierced ears!  I'm sure she got an earbashing from my dad though!!!  I have turned into such a wuss now that I can't see me ever getting anything else done!  I quite like some tattoos on other people and I really admire some of the art work (especially the sugar skulls) but they are such a big commitment, actually life changing.  A rash choice when you were young could turn out to be a big mistake in later life.  Not for me I'm afraid.

Shona xx

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you on the tattoos Shona, I am tooo scared. I wasn't allowed to have my ears pierced until I was 16!! xx