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Friday, 3 April 2015

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 3 Meaning of my Business Name

Good morning and it's Good Friday!

A scheduled post from me today as I've got a few things on.

This will be short and sweet!  As I don't have a business I will tell you about my blog name.  As you know (because you are here reading this!) my blog is called Handmade by Hamill.  Pretty self explanatory really but I put the Handmade in it as I wanted to cover all kinds of crafting and not just papercraft.  I suppose papercrafting has kind of taken over as my main hobby but I also still enjoy knitting, cross stitch and lots more beside and I wanted my blog to reflect that.  Hamill is obviously my surname so that's it in a nutshell!  Now I kind of wish I'd chosen something more mysterious and interesting!

Hope you have a fantastic Easter weekend whatever you have planned and if you get a chance join me again tomorrow for the next leg of my challenge.

Shona xx


  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying this challenge. .....have a lovely weekend xx