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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A-Z Christmas Challenge - T to X

Good Evening,

Well the last few days haven't exactly gone to plan.  On Friday I was tied up for most of the day baking for the sheltered housing Christmas Fayre, on Saturday I was at the sheltered housing nearly all day.  These events I had planned for.  On Sunday, I almost forgot that Iona had a church service with Girl's Brigade then she had dance in the afternoon/evening.  On Monday morning I was working on a little project for the Cutie Pies then took my Aunt to prize bingo at the sheltered housing in the afternoon.  Yesterday I planned to have a craft filled day and get the A-Z challenge put to bed but a burst water main put the brakes on that.  First we had next to no water at home then the school had to be closed so I had to go and pick up Iona.  I managed to get five cards made eventually yesterday but I was working on them until late last night which I hadn't anticipated.  I was back at work today, just in again on Friday this week.  I thought I'd blog all yesterday's cards en masse to make life a little easier.  Anyway just two more left to do - the last day is tomorrow.  I think my Y card should be Y is for Yay! Nearly finished lol!

Anyways, here's some photos of my baking and my cards.  I've already got the brownies recipe on my  Homecooked by Hamill blog, I'll put the mint aero slice on shortly.

 T is for Tatty Teddy

 U is for Under the Mistletoe

 V is for Victorian

 W is for Window

X is for Xmas Tree

Once I've finished Y and Z, apart from my DT projects I think I'll be slowing down on the craft front a wee bit in the run up to Christmas or I'll never get my cards written, shopping done, wrapping up done, tree get the picture lol.

All the best,
Shona xx

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