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Monday, 7 August 2017

Some Word Art...

Hi there,

A bit of a late night post from me tonight but it's allowed as I'm on holiday and don't have any reason to get up early (although I most probably will anyway as hubby will be up for work).  It's been quite a leisurely Sunday.  My daughter was away at dancing for a few hours and I had hoped to get on with a few chores but I went through to the office/crafting bat cave to look for something and I kinda caused an avalanche of cards I've made.  So there was nothing else for it I decided there was no time like the present and spent a couple of hours putting inserts in them and bagging them in cello bags and putting them in their correct storage space.  Not at all what I'd planned but it needed done all the same.  Every time I spend ages doing this I vow that I will do it as I go but I never do!  Is anyone else guilty of this or is it just me?  I know I'm a serial procraftinator so it's maybe just me!

Anyway I've just hopped on to share some Word Art cards I've made recently. I sometimes find the occasion or person I need to make a card for doesn't suit my style of crafting and that's where Word Art can come into it's own.  I use a website called and with a bit of trial and error can usually come up with something I can use as a backing paper.  Here are some recent examples:

I quite like how they've turned out and I think it's great how you can personalise them as much or as little as you like.

Additional materials used:
Trimcraft number dies
X-cut Doorplate dies
Creative Expressions Pierced Flags Dies
Scalloped Circle Die
Coloured cardstock, buttons, ribbon & twine from stash

So that's it from me tonight.  Now do I, A. do the sensible thing and go to bed, B. do a bit more crafting or C. stay up way too late after getting distracted by Pinterest?  Answers on a postcard!

Shona xx


  1. ooooh these look fab, and what a great way to personalise - will have to check this site out xx

  2. 3 fabulous cards love the Word Art, and its not just you I'm totally guilty of the insert thing lol I say everytime I will do them as i make each card but I always end up with a dozen to do at once !

    Hugs Kaz xx

  3. These are wonderful Shona, a great way to really personalise a card xx