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Saturday, 2 May 2015

31 Day Blog Challenege - Day 31 Weird Quirk of mine


I missed the last day by a day.  I didn't sleep well Thursday night so by time I got home from work last night I didn't have the energy to move off the sofa - sad but true and I don't veg out that often so I didn't feel too guilty lol!

Ok, I think my weirdest quirk is cotton bud (Q-tip) spotting!  Not that I try to spot them on purpose mind, but I seem to have a radar that seeks them out in all sorts of public places lol!  I spot them in supermarket car parks, on the pavement, the weirdest ever was when I got in a taxi and there was one in the footwell.  I don't understand how just odd ones pop up all over the place and nobody else seems to notice.  It's just so gross the only thing worse would be having to pick one up yuck!!!  It's like the cheese touch (if you've ever seen Diary of a Wimpy Kid)!

Now you must think I'm really weird, just as well this one was the last day lol!!!!

Shona xx

1 comment:

  1. Oh my giddy aunt. ...well I never saw that one coming, lol! Just as an aside every now and then I jump out on my son and shout "cheese touch" at him (he is 15 now so doesn't actually appreciate it! )

    Thank you for joining me in this challenge Shona, I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts.