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Friday, 11 July 2014

And now for something completely different!

Hello again!

Tonight's post isn't a card in fact it's nothing to do with paper craft at all!  Tonight I have a photograph of my sister in law's chihuahua Elvis wearing a coat that I knitted for him.

You may be wondering why a dog would need a coat in the height of summer but I actually made it a while back and never got around to blogging the result.  I was commissioned to knit the coat from a pattern my SIL had been given as a bit of a joke present but we are all really pleased by how it turned out - even Elvis!  Chihuahuas were never really my thing but this wee guy has such a huge personality you can't help but like him.

See you soon with another crafty creation,
Shona xx


  1. Aww Shona elvis looks so happy in his gorgeous coat!! What a talented lady you are :)
    Vic x

  2. Hello Shona, Elvis is so cute and expecially in his fabulous coat, he looks so proud to be wearing it, great pattern, hugs Kate x

  3. wow shona - another talent you've been hiding - this is brilliant - Elvis looks so cute xx